Goods Inspections & Checklists

The inspection of goods, systems and equipment is part of the daily work routine for manufacturing companies. However, depending on the number and complexity of the inspections, this can quickly become a challenging and complex process. The key to success is the service "Goods Inspections & Checklists" – because it is suitable both for the standard-compliant representation of a well-structured goods inspection and for the approval or inspection of systems and equipment.

Checklists for Quality-Relevant Topics

Checklist for standard-compliant processing of quality tasks
Representing test steps with just a few clicks in compliance with standards

To ensure consistently high quality, standards such as ISO 9001 are mandatory today. Using the cloud-based platform BabtecQube, you can create checklists for the standard-compliant review of quality-relevant topics. The service "Goods Inspections & Checklists" is our lean solution that offers you a focused range of functions and is intuitive to use. It helps you to monitor the quality of your products by means of product testing or to support the reliable operation of your systems, for example by means of classical approval tests.

The new service in BabtecQube is designed in such a way that you can map the processes in quality management with just a few clicks – and without any specialist knowledge.

This way you can add quality-relevant information to each inspection step. In the case of a measurement, you simply add the exact specification including the lower and upper target limits and the unit to the inspection step. The checklists in BabtecQube help you to carry out your goods inspection or approval testing in compliance with standards. If you want to have a supplier's product checked for correct production already at the outgoing goods department of your business partner, you can share the checklist with your supplier by simply pressing a button. It also offers the possibility to assign and justify final inspection decisions.

Create and Edit Checklists Together

With the service "Goods Inspections & Checklists" in BabtecQube, not only the creation but also the editing of checklists has never been easier: individual inspection steps can be created with little effort and shared with your colleagues or business partners for editing. This becomes relevant, for example, if you want to document approval tests of operating equipment or incoming goods inspections of supplier products:

  • You create a checklist and define individual inspection steps.
  • You assign properties to the inspection steps and define the target limits in case of a measurement.
  • Afterwards you name responsible inspectors and deadlines.
  • You send the checklist to your colleague or business partner for review.
  • The inspection results are documented in a inspection decision.
  • If an inspection decision requires further action, you can easily create tasks and measures via the service Spot.
Checklists for the creation of test plans

Advantages at a Glance

  • Smart cloud service for the standard-compliant creation and recording of quality-relevant checklists
  • Possibility to extend checklists with quality-relevant properties, e.g. when measurements are required
  • Verifiable documentation of the inspected objects or articles per checklist
  • Clear assignment of responsible persons and due dates
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