Equipment & Gages

Probably every company has equipment, gages and other devices that are subject to continuous testing. This includes gates, fire extinguishers and lamps as well as machines involved in the production process. The variety of different resources suggests that managing all the necessary information is a major challenge. This is where the new service "Equipment & Gages" comes into play: master data can be managed in a central location, making it easy to monitor your equipment.

Equipment & Gages Firmly in View

Screenshot of the service "Equipment & Gages"
All information about your equipment at a glance

The service "Equipment & Gages" gives all the relevant information about your inspection equipment a structure that allows you to keep a close eye on its condition. To do this, you define inspection intervals and store master data such as owner, location and warranty date. All relevant events, such as inspections performed and changes of location, are tracked in a history.

This information provides an overview of the condition of all your equipment and gages. If there is a specific need for action, you will be notified directly via the BabtecQube start screen. In this way, faults are avoided and maintenance is guaranteed.

Hand in Hand: Equipment & Gages

The new service adds another component to the small quality control loop in the BabtecQube. This harmonizes particularly well with the existing service Goods Inspections & Checklists:

  • You store the master data of your equipment (e.g. a machine, lamp, etc.) and define an inspection interval.
  • When the inspection is due, you receive a message on the BabtecQube start screen.
  • You carry out the inspection using a stored checklist.
  • The result obtained with the help of the checklist is considered in the further monitoring of the equipment.
  • The inspection result is documented in the history. The condition of the equipment is updated.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Management of the master data of all equipment and gages at a central location
  • Traceability of the life cycles of all resources through the history with information on inspection dates and results as well as changes of location and ownership
  • Monitoring of the functionality of all resources, including information on any need for action
  • Combination of the service "Equipment & Gages" with the service Goods Inspections & Checklists in order to be able to access checklists directly in the workflow for monitoring equipment and gages
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