Complaints & Deviations

Complaints and deviations are connected with additional expenditure and a certain dissatisfaction both on the side of the supplier and on the side of the customer. This is another reason why complaints are a rather unpleasant topic in many companies. But true to the motto "learning from mistakes", complaints can be a great opportunity to optimize the quality of products and processes if they are evaluated consistently. Both business partners always benefit from the joint elimination of weaknesses in the manufacturing process along the supply chain. The common processing of complaints and deviations is easier today than ever before. With a modern cloud solution, you can easily create and process complaints using a standardized method from quality management – even without specialist knowledge.

Processing Complaints via the Cloud

Guided complaint management via 8D report
Handle complaints together with your business partners according to the 8D report method, which has proven itself in complaints management.

You can use the BabtecQube to create complaints and deviations and inform your suppliers of all relevant data at the push of a button. A status message informs you whether your supplier has received the complaint and has already started processing it.

Your supplier's complaint processing is carried out according to a globally recognized and structured standard from the automotive industry, the 8D method, and documented in a digital 8D report. With cloud processing, you always work together with your suppliers in one digital document. Comment and feedback functions as well as a complete history support communication and strengthen collaboration.

Create, Process and Manage 8D Reports

With the BabtecQube, complaints management has never been easier: deviations and complaints within the company can be easily documented, tracked and resolved via an 8D report. Whether internally or together with customers and suppliers: all participants work together on one platform on one process – independent of location and beyond the company's borders.

  • Create a new complaint or deviation at the push of a button and share all relevant data with your supplier.
  • The customer then processes the complaint or deviation using the structured 8D method.
  • Regular status reports keep you up to date at all times.
  • All processing steps are documented in an 8D report.
  • The number of complaints is consistently reduced.

Your Access to The Cloud

Free trial version for the first 30 days
Register for the BabtecQube free of charge and receive the service "Complaints & Deviations" in a free trial version for the first 30 days – after that you can choose between three chargeable models in our license model. The communication service spot remains available free of charge at all times. You can find out more about the exact license models here.

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