One price – all services: When booking a premium subscription, you can use all services in the BabtecQube without restrictions. The integrated services help you to fully map your quality processes.

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Basic Premium (1-4 Users) Premium (5-10 Users) Premium (>10 Users)
8D reports
As a supplier, you process all received complaints in "Complaints & Deviations" using the proven 8D method and send the results back to your customers.
Dialogues, Tasks & Actions
With "Tasks & Actions" you process quality-related concerns as well as tasks and actions together with your colleagues and business partners.
Supplier Assessments
As a supplier, you can view the published ratings of your customers in "Supplier Assessments" and report back your feedback.
Complaints & Deviations
In "Complaints & Deviations" you manage your own processes and handle them in a structured way according to the proven 8D method.
Goods Inspections & Checklists
In "Goods Inspections & Checklists" you can plan, perform and document structured goods inspections or acceptances.
Equipment & Gages
With "Equipment & Gages" you maintain all master data of your equipment and gages at a central location and monitor their functionality.
"Analyses" allows you to evaluate your own quality data at a central location.
Import and Export of Master Data
Import and export functions are available for the following master data of your company account: addresses, equipment types, equipment locations, parts, failures, causes.
Free of Charge
39 € mth.
per user
29 € mth.
per user
On Demand

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