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For 25 years, optimal process and product quality has determined our thoughts and actions – with the aim of helping to shape ecological, social and economic "climate change" through innovative solutions. However, short-term decisions rarely take these three aspects into account and therefore quickly bring them into conflict. But when all three factors are considered with foresight in the decision-making process, they develop positively and serve sustainability.

The quality of these decisions is fundamental to the quality of the products and services that surround us in our daily lives. Decisive factors for outstanding process and product quality are innovation, sustainability and a cooperative partnership throughout the supply chain. This partnership-based and honest cooperation also requires a positive error culture, which in turn leads to a new quality of collaboration, increased product quality and competitive advantages.

We want to support and encourage this kind of collaboration. This is why we are making the BabtecQube available to the market: it is the cloud-based platform through which all business partners can network in order to digitalize quality tasks and communication processes. Our free service Spots supports companies in this context to improve internal and external communication.

We connect what belongs together – equally, fairly and at eye level. In this way, we make a contribution in the sense of quality to make the world a little better every day.

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