BabtecQube for Microsoft Teams

In times of home office Microsoft Teams has rapidly gained in popularity and for many companies it is hard to imagine life without it. Whether video conferences, chat messages or the joint editing of documents – the tool can be used in many ways. With the integration of our cloud-based QM solution BabtecQube into Microsoft Teams, we now want to take your cooperation on quality issues to a whole new level. While Microsoft Teams remain at the heart of your collaboration, relevant components of the quality cycle can be mapped on top of them – and all this in just one application.

Integration of the BabtecQube

Woman on laptop, on it BabtecQube in Microsoft Teams application

Many companies rely on Microsoft Teams to connect their employees with each other regardless of location or to promote fast communication within the company. Functions such as chats, video conferencing and also the joint editing of documents are in the foreground.

Our goal is to make the processing of your quality tasks as easy as possible. That's why we also offer our cloud-based QM solution BabtecQube as an app for Microsoft Teams. With this interface, we are offering the first quality management solution that you can integrate into your Microsoft Teams application. This way you can easily process your quality tasks in just one window.

Quality Management in Microsoft Teams

With the integration of BabtecQube into Microsoft Teams, our services can map relevant parts of the quality cycle. For this purpose, you can add tabs to your team channels, which you can use to access the services in BabtecQube collectively. So as soon as you run Microsoft Teams, BabtecQube is activated by default and helps you to integrate quality management into your work processes even more easily. Together, you can take the quality of your products and processes to a whole new level:

  • Use a single tool to work flexibly on your tasks from anywhere
  • Promotion of seamless cooperation within your team and with the integrated BabtecQube even beyond the boundaries of your company
  • Faster communication processes and increased productivity
Laptop on which BabtecQube is open in Microsoft Teams

How to Add the App

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams App Store on your desktop PC – either via the web browser or directly from the MS Teams application.
  2. Select the BabtecQube App.
  3. Add it to the selected Microsoft Teams channel.
  4. Log in to use the services. If you do not have an account yet, you can also register via the app.
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