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Quality Can Be so Simple

The BabtecQube is your lean QM solution that offers you a focused range of functions and can be used intuitively even without specialist knowledge. Because you don't necessarily have to be a quality professional today to take the quality of your products and processes to a whole new level together with your team.

The BabtecQube combines smart services with which you can map a small quality control loop and which support you in quality management. The BabtecQube's cloud-based technology enables you to promote networking with your business partners along the supply chain – and keep your finger on the pulse.

Quality starts with you. Take responsibility and improve the processes in your company.

Processed Complaints>10000

The Smart Solution for a Lean Quality Control Loop

Graphical representation of the quality control loop

With the integrated services in the BabtecQube you can map a lean quality control loop with just a few clicks and improve your products and processes in the long term. And this is how your quality control loop could look like in the BabtecQube:

  • A supplier product arrives at your incoming goods department.
  • You use a checklist to check the quality of the goods in accordance with the relevant standards.
  • In case of defects, you make a complaint.
  • Your supplier processes the complaint directly and digitally via 8D report.
  • Your supplier uses the Service Spots as a central tool for communication as well as task and action management to resolve the problem. He/she documents all information and decisions verifiably.

From test data acquisition to the creation and processing of complaints to the joint processing of tasks and actions: with the cloud-based platform BabtecQube you work in smart web applications that can be accessed at any time via the browser of your smartphone or tablet to digitalize your quality processes internally and across companies.

Your Advantages in the BabtecQube

  • Possibility to map a lean quality control loop
  • Simple and intuitive usability on all end devices
  • Use from any location thanks to cloud technology
  • Partnership cooperation along the supply chain

Your Partner for Quality

As a company, we want to make our contribution to ensuring that all the things that surround us give us pleasure and inspire us with quality. That is why we have created software that supports manufacturing companies worldwide in their quality processes - so that millions of people receive goods of the highest quality. Our quality management solutions are used in 29 countries and in ten languages.


Inspection plans for quality-relevant topics Goods Inspections and Checklists Review of quality-relevant topics Handling complaints using 8D Report Complaints & Deviations Processing complaints with the guided 8D Report Communication along the supply chain Dialog, Tasks & Actions Communication along the supply chain
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