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Quality Made Easy

BabtecQube is your solution for better collaboration and quality in your company. With our cloud-based services you can easily exchange quality topics with your colleagues and business partners as well as delegate binding tasks and actions. In addition, you have the opportunity to process complaints and deviations in the cloud with the help of a guided 8D report, a proven quality management method. 


Quality made easy - with BabtecQube
  • Create, edit and send 8D reports to your customers or suppliers.
  • Targeted communication among employees and with business partners.
  • Create, allocate, and process tasks and actions.
  • Optimize quality processes in your company.
  • And all this in the web browser of the smartphone or tablet - no matter where, no matter when.

Create, Process and Manage 8D Reports

With BabtecQube, improvement management has never been easier: complaints and deviations within the company can be documented and tracked easily via a managed 8D report and therefore be eliminated. Whether internally or together with customers and suppliers: all participants work together on a single platform and on a single processs - independent of media breaks that stand in the way of efficient cooperation.

Processing complaints and deviations with the 8D report
  • Create a new complaint or deviation at the push of a button and share all relevant data with your supplier.
  • The customer then processes the complaint or deviation using the structured 8D method.
  • Regular status reports keep you up to date at all times.
  • All processing steps are documented in an 8D report.
  • The number of complaints is consistently reduced.

Communicate Effectively

Spots in BabtecQube offer you the free opportunity to organize work processes in your company. These three different types of spots support targeted communication on quality issues:


Effective communication via Spots
  • General, quality-relevant topics are discussed in a dialogue.
  • The task supplements a binding due date.
  • In addition, the action supplements an examiner as well as an examination date.

Tasks and actions ensure that responsible colleagues take care of a concern in a binding manner. It doesn't matter whether you discover a grievance, want to share an idea with your colleagues or want to assign actions as part of an audit.

Quality starts with you. Take responsibility and improve the processes in your company.

Processed Complaints>6800

Your Partner for Quality

As a company, we want to make our contribution to ensuring that all the things that surround us give us pleasure and inspire us with quality. That is why we have created software that supports manufacturing companies worldwide in their quality processes - so that millions of people receive goods of the highest quality. Our quality management solutions are used in 29 countries and in ten languages.


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