What is Babtec Qube?

Digitalization and the networking of processes across company boundaries are among the major challenges of modern quality management. Global supply chains and an increasing share of suppliers in the manufacturing of products call for new ways in the successful partnership and communication between customers and suppliers. The Babtec Qube is the cloud-based platform through which you can network with all your business partners to digitalize quality processes across companies.



From the joint processing of tasks and actions, over the recording of measurement values to the processing of complaints. The Babtec Qube takes collaboration in quality management to a whole new level. All participants work in smart web applications, which can be accessed at any time via a web browser.

Smart communication

General quality-related concerns as well as tasks and actions can be created, delegated to employees or business partners and processed from the cloud.

Connect with your business partners and work together on quality: Simply create a "Spot", define a circle of participants, add relevant content and comments.

Work on inspection orders on the go

With the Babtec Qube you digitalize your quality processes. Record guided inspections on your smartphone or tick off your acceptance checklists.

Errors are documented efficiently and clearly. Transfer the test results to your Babtec.Q software to establish reports and metrics.

Process complaints via the cloud

Create complaints and inform your suppliers at the push of a button about all relevant data - with the Qube you can process your complaints safely and easily.

The recipient of the complaint is guided through the 8D method, defines effective measures and makes them available to you in a clear 8D report. Comments and a feedback functions as well as a complete timeline also support communication and strengthen the cooperation.

Become part of the network

Register for free and work with your business partners on quality - even on your mobile devices. 

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